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We want to make a community out of the things that make Camden great

So what does “we love Camden”? mean to us. It means we see the good in the community we’re in, and we want to see that good thrive.

We started off as an initiative of Hope and Anchor Community Church here in Camden but we want to grow into so much more. Recently we’ve been connecting with the homeless and people on the streets through handing out food and warm beverages. We aim to work together with other people, businesses, and organizations, to help and love those on the streets in Camden and eventually even support and elevate local business and art within the community. We would love for you to contact us if you want to help or partner with us.

We'll continue to add to this website as we grow and develop as a ministry.

Get involved

We are constantly wanting to grow and expand what we do as a community and an organization. 

We want others to join us in building structures that will love and elevate the good in the community. So feel free to get in contact about anyway you'd like to help.


Tent Outreach

We meet on weekends to serve free tea coffee and sometimes food to anyone open to recieving it in Camden.



Illumi is here a project made to support and provide hairstyling services, nail painting and more to those in vulnerable situations.

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Community Choir

A community choir that meets once a week. The hope is to build communtty and bring people joy.


The Pit

Currently restructuring for the new year.

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How you can support

We use any financial donations to buy food and supplies for our outreach on the streets. Also we always have projects we're thinking about to connect the community here that need funding. Aside from financial donations we're always happy to accept clothes, food, and practical items like sleeping bags.

Our partners 


Hope and Anchor Community Church

Hope and Anchor is a church based in Camden first established in 2015. "We Love Camden" is an initiative of Hope and Anchor Community Church 


Hope Community Support

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Hope Community Support is a mental health helpline platform .They focus on providing support for mental and emotional well being. Our partnership allows us to connect the community to the resources they offer.



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THINK is a combination coffee shop, hair salon, and tattoo parlour located on Camden high street. This cafe is a non-profit organization, and we are fortunate to be able to partner with them. We use this location as a focal hub for our projects and programmes


Feel free to message us with any questions



07584 321342

Registered charity number: 190743

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